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Introduction and Game Overview

What is Mutology?

Mutology is a monster-maker expandable card game (ECG) for two players. Players construct a 45-card main deck using Mutology cards consisting of Units, Modifications, and Procedures. This main deck is paired with one Character card and an optional second deck. To win the game, players must bring their opponent’s Base health from 30 to 0 by executing a strategy which complements the talents of both their Character and deck. 

  • Two unique resource systems to master: Brains and Radiation.

  • Card and board positioning matters! Field and Lab Zones.

  • A refreshing take on popular evolution card game mechanics.

Mutology is currently in alpha testing to develop preconstructed starter decks. Join our Discord and be part of the community!

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Ambitious dreamers. Dangerous thinkers. Mad scientists! These are labels the world will grant us: for we are mutologists, bioengineers of the future! This progressive branch of science has only just been discovered, and nations scramble to assert themselves as the next global superpower. By creating new lifeforms called Mutants, your nation establishes precedence in this burgeoning scientific field. However, only by destroying your rival’s Base can you claim to be the superior scientist.



Players gain a fixed amount of resources (Brains) at Turn Start, and spend or bank this resource to play cards from hand or activate abilities. Radiation counters are added to a player's Reactor as Unit, Mod, and Procedure cards are played from hand and accumulate over time.

Using these Radiation counters, players unlock powerful abilities on their Mutant cards or transform them into more impressive Stage 2 creatures. Players initiate combat using these units until one player's Base health reaches 0, declaring the remaining player victorious! 

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